Speaking section

Speaking section is the fourth section of the exam and is required for those test takers who have scored a total result within the range of 115÷130 marks after the first three sections.

Part Marks Advised time limit Part description Purpose and Focus
Part 1: Interview 5 3 minutes General questions about your life, studies, interests, career, etc. Part 1 focuses on the test takers’ ability to give personal information and talk about past, present and future experiences.
Part 2: Long turn 10 3 minutes (including 1 minute preparation time) You are given two photographs and asked to talk about them for 1 minute without interruption. Part 2 focuses on the test takers’ ability to speak at length on a given topic using appropriate language and organising their ideas coherently.

Exam Topics:

Daily routines &Everyday activities

Family & Social Life

Houses &Homes

Hobbies &Leisure

Town & Country

Health &Fitness

Food & Drink

Shops & Services

Travel & Tourism

Science & Technology

Part 3: Extension/Detail Task 10 4-5 minutes A two-way discussion connected to the topic of Part 2. Part 3 focuses on: sharing ideas, expressing a reference, explaining and describing in details. This part also tests the adequacy and appropriacy of the vocabulary used, the language fluency and the test takers’ general ability to get their message across.
Part 4: Integrated Speaking Tasks – (Read/Speak) 15 9-10 minutes (including 1 min. reading time and 1min. preparation time) You need to read a short passage first and speak in response to a question. Information from the reading text should be combined into the response. You will be also expected to use reasons and examples to support your answer. Part 4 focuses on: narrating and paraphrasing, summarising, comparing and contrasting, expressing opinions, defending or confirming a particular point of view, agreeing and/or disagreeing, suggesting ,speculating and analysing

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